Carmen Ky

Australian Artist


Wollongong Art Gallery
Watercolour Prizes 2014

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon, 2014, watercolour and ink on hahnemuhle paper, 75 x 108cm

Gallery 21 Sydney
The Eye, Photographic Exhibition
24–30 JANUARY, 2014

The Eye, Photography Exhibition invite

Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre
and Retrovision Eden, NSW
NOW & WHEN - Contemplating Climates
on the South East Coast

1–5 NOVEMBER, 2013

Red Tide, 2013 & 2014, watercolour and oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm each piece

Broken Hill Regional Gallery
Outback Open Art Prize Finalist
5 JULY–18 AUGUST, 2013

Mundi -Mundi Sunset

Mundi Mundi Sunset , 2013, mixed media on paper, 117 x 98cm

C.1907 Contemporary Artspace, Cairns
Inside/Out – Mapping Spiritual Journeys
A Collaborative Print Project, InkMasters, Cairns

JUNE 18–JULY 6, 2013

Burnum Burnum print from Inside/Out exhibition 2013 Inside/Out was a selection of original prints by Aboriginal, Torres Straight Islander and non-indigenous artists.
They are based on the bi-horn shape of the metal breast plates, or ‘king plates’ awarded to indigenous leaders in colonial societies to facilitate cooperation and assuage the social effects of exploiting the land. The prints include old and new technologies and combinations of both, they also include collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous artists. 

I integrated my photographs documenting Burnum Burnum as he claimed England for the Australian Aboriginal people at Dover, England in1988 along with his Declaration, a counterpoint to the First Fleet re-enactment sailing into Sydney Harbour for Bi-centennial celebrations.

Charles Hewitt Gallery Views and Visions
Landscape Paintings by Gallery Artists
JUNE 14–JULY 2, 2012

Broken TracksBroken Tracks, 2012, mixed media and encaustic wax on canvas, 100 x 100cm

Cowra Regional Gallery
Calleen Art Award
APRIL 22–JUNE 2, 2012

Claypan and Camel TracksClaypan and Camel Tracks, 2012, mixed media and encaustic wax,168 x 117cm

Orange Regional Gallery
Quiet Connections

Started 2012 with an exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery called 'Quiet Connections' (26th February – 1st April). The exhibition involved three artists working with different mediums and joining forces for a collaborative print project. Ros Auld – ceramics, Carmen Ky – paintings, Tracy Luff – fluted cardboard assemblages. We made the collaboration in my print workshop.


Quiet Connections Exhibition Invite


Sydney Printmakers Touring Exhibition

As part of the Sydney Printmakers Touring exhibition my print 'Waterway' (a combination digital solar plate etching), toured Regional Galleries in 2012.

  • Maitland Regional Gallery 12th April – 24th June 2012
  • Cowra Regional Art Gallery 28th July – 26th August 2012
  • Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery in October / November 2012.

Waterways Waterways