Carmen Ky

Australian Artist

Curriculum Vitae

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Tertiary Qualifications:

2020 Master of Philosophy ANU CASS SOAD
2014 MPhil candidate School Humanities and Arts, ANU
1988 Canberra School of Art
1983 College of Fine Art. UNSW
1961–1966 National Art School ESTC, East Sydney


Teaching: 1967–2001 Part time Teacher at several TAFE colleges, National Art School,
College Fine Arts UNSW, EORA Faculty of Aboriginal Studies, Sydney Institute
Photography: 1985–1999 Stills Photographer with Island Visuals for Documentary films & books

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 SOAD Gallery ANU: ‘Contemplation and Immersion’
2010 Ivy Hill Gallery: ‘October’
2009 Mechanics Inst. Gallery: ‘Sourcing the River’
2008 Spiral Gallery, Bega ‘Spirit Country’
2005 Gallery Nineteen, Central Tilba: ‘Alchemic Ambience
2001 Manly Art Gerally & Museum: ‘Alchemic Wilderness: a survey 1988–2001’
1988 Five Ways Gallery Savah, Sydney: ‘Spirit of Place’
1974 Bonythons Gallery, Sydney: ‘Four Younger Artists’
1969 Old Fire Station Gallery, Perth: ‘Paintings’
1967 Gallery A, Sydney: ‘First One Man Show’

Curated Exhibitions:

2015 Gallery Lane Cove ‘Fun & Games’ Sydney Printmakers
2015 Gallery 21, Sydney ‘The Eye’ photogaphy
2014 Gallery 21, Sydney ‘Here & There’ Five Photographers
2013 Circa 1907 Contemporary Art Space, Cairns ‘Inside/Out’
2012 Orange Regional Gallery ‘Quiet connections’
2011 Manly Art Gallery & Museum ‘Hot off the Press’ Sydney Print
2009 Gallery Bodalla ‘Summer Collection’
2007 Mechanics Institute Gallery: ‘Not Another Landscape’
2001 Manly Art Gallery & Museum touring ‘The Studio Tradition – National Art School 1883–2001’
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Tamworth City Gallery, Manning Regional Art Gallery, Grafton Regional Gallery, Orange Regional Gallery, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, Bathurst Regional Gallery, New England Regional Art Museum, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, Albury City Gallery
2000 Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory: ‘Artists in the Field: A Retrospective’
2000 Manly Art Gallery & Museum: ‘Celebrating Paradise: The Artist & the Northern Beaches 1890–2000’

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021 Manly Art Gallery and Museum ‘To the Edges’
2013 MDC, Eden ‘Now & When’ Contemplating Climates SECA
2012 Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney ‘Views and Visions’
2011 Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney ‘Something Personal 2’
2011 Solander Gallery, Canberra ‘Winter Exhibition’
2010 Solander Gallery, Canberra: ‘Director’s Choice’
2008 Atelier Skara Gresvik, Norway: ‘Sydney Printmakers’
2007 Marianne Newman Gallery, Sydney: ‘The Urban Animal’
Solander Gallery Annex, Canberra: ‘Alchemy:’ Dark Night’
Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney: ‘Walangari & Friends’
Impressions on Paper Gallery, Canberra: ‘Urban Animals’
2006 Sydney Artworld: ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
Sydney Artworld: ‘NAS – Worth Fighting For’
2005 Bega Regional Gallery: ‘Progressive Print Project’
Spiral Gallery, Bega: ‘Lilith International Women’s Day
Gallery Nineteen, Central Tilba: ‘Opening’
2003 Mosman Art Gallery: ‘Scratch Pull Grind & Scrape’
Spiral Gallery, Bega: ‘Blazing Women’
The Priory, Bingi: ‘Ground’
2002 Atelier Skara, Gresvik, Norway: ‘Sydney Printmakers’
2002–2001 SH Erwin Gallery: ‘Blake Prize Touring Exhibition’
Grafton, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Hobart, Melbourne
2001 Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney: ‘Paper’
2000 Quadrivium Gallery Sydney: ‘Quadrivium’s Finest’
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery: ‘Surface Tension’
1999 Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Uni of Chile, Santiago
‘Cultural Exchange’ Sydney Printmakers
UTS Gallery: ‘Revelations’ Sydney Printmakers
1998 Sir Herman Black Gallery: Sydney Printmakers
1997 Sir Herman Black Gallery: ‘Text’ & ‘Expose’
Rex Urwin Gallery: ‘Sydney Printmakers’
Burnie Regional Gallery, Tasmania
Spiral Arm Gallery, Canberra
1996 Guizhou Museum, Guiyang, China ‘Cultural Identities’
Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney: ‘Four Ways’
1995 International Works on Paper Fair, Sydney: ‘Contemporary Sydney Printmakers’
1994–1984 Blaxland Gallery, Sydney: ‘Sydney Printmakers’
1990 AGOG Helen Maxwell, Canberra: ‘Fragments & Foundation’
1989 Eastend Gallery, Broken Hill & Freeman Gallery, Tasmania
1990–1983 Ivan Dougherty Gallery & Works Gallery COFA, UNSW
1971 15th Tasmanian Art Gallery Exhibition, Hobart, Tasmania
1967–1966 Blaxland, Sydney: ‘Contemporary Art Society’

Selected Prize Exhibitions:

2021 Georges River Art Prize
2013 Outback Open Art Prize
2012 Calleen Art Award
2011 Blacktown City Art Prize
2007–08 Basil Sellers Art Prize
2006 Ergon Energy Central Queensland Art Award
2004 Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape Painting
2001 Blake Prize for Religious Art
1994 Blake Prize for Religious Art
1974–73–71 Blake Prize for Religious Art
1986 Portia Geach Portrait Prize
1970 Portia Geach Portrait Prize
1968 Sulman

Prizes Won:

Blacktown City Art Awards (Print)
1997 University Western Sydney Print Acquisitive
1973 Campbelltown Art Prize
1970 Ryde Centenary Art Exhibition
1969–68 Ashfield Art Prize


Manly Art Gallery and Museum
Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Broken Hill City Art Gallery
University of Western Sydney
College of Fine Arts UNSW
Campbelltown City Council
Blacktown City Council
Hawkesbury City Council
Commonwealth Bank
Qantas, Singapore
Kings Canyon Resort, Northern Territory
Travelodge Developments
Regent Hotel, Sydney
Pumphouse Hotel, Sydney
John Flynn Private Hospital, Qld
St George Private Hospital, Sydney
And other corporate & private collections in Australia & overseas


Jennifer Isaacs: ‘Alchemic Wilderness: a survey 1988–2001’
‘Australian Printmaking in the 1990s’
‘Who’s Who in Australian Visual Arts’
‘Directory of Women Artists of Australia’
‘Artists & Galleries of Australia’ Vol 1, A-L
Sonia Baron’ Canberra Times’ 4/4/1980
‘Outrider’ University of Queensland Press
‘Australian Artists Producing Prints Directory 1988’
‘Transforming Art’ Vol 2 No 3 1987
Ruth Faeber ‘The Australian Jewish Times’ 22/4/1974
WE Pigeon ‘Sunday Telegraph’ 18/8/1974
James Gleeson ‘The Sun’ 14/8/1974
‘Western Advocate’ 30/9/1970
John Henshaw ‘The Australian’ 4/7/1970
John Conway ‘Daily Mercury’ 23/4/1969
Donald Brook ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ 12/1968
James Gleeson ‘The Sun’ 18/12/1968

Photography, Films & Books:

1999 ‘A Warrior for Peace: Burnum Burnum’ by M J Norst
1993 ‘A Living Treasure Exhibition’, Sydney Town Hall
1992 Official Photographer for the Sydney visit of the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
1990 Film Artist on documentary ‘Beyond the Dreamtime’ about artist Ainslie Roberts
1989 Photo Research & Photography for book ‘Pioneer Women of the Bush & Outback’ by Jennifer Isaacs
1988 Production stills for film ‘Kakadu’, Photo Research& Photography book ‘Burnum Burnum’s Aboriginal Australia: A Travelers Guide’, Photo documentation of Burnum Burnum claiming England for Australian Aboriginals.
1987 Assistant Editor on documentary ‘Dreamtime – Machinetime’ about four Aboriginal artists
1986 Stills for Documentary series ‘Echo of a Distant Drum’ the story of the Irish in Australia
1985 Stills for Documentary ‘Flight of the Windhorse’ about the Australian Himalayan Ballooning Expedition