Carmen Ky

Australian Artist


Printmaking, in its manifold forms, lends itself to pushing boundaries. The alchemy of the chemical processes, the constant working and reworking of the surface in an effort to bring forth something sublime, often from base metals … the resulting images transmuted and distilled through a series of engagements with the materials at hand.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media combines etching and lino-printing on laminated Japanese and Chinese papers, bringing forth the underlying principals of layering, shifting metaphor and transmutation.


Collograph’s are magical, working from a collaged matrix of textures and layered materials sealed in shellac.


Zinc and copper plates are etched with nitric acid, combining fine line detail, aquatint tone and organic deep biting of the etching plate.



Grace's Twilight Garden, 2021, Two plate colour etching, 60 x 45.5 cm

Grace's Twilight Garden





Ripple 1, digital etching


Ripple 2, digital etching

Ripple Triptych

Ripple 3, ditial etching





Sandy Desert-Lake Mungo 1, watercolour and Linocut


Sandy Desert-Lake Mungo 2, watercolour and Linocut

Sandy Desert – Lake Mungo Triptych

Sandy Desert-Lake Mungo 3, watercolour and Linocut





collograph titled Ancient Tracks Veins of Gold

Ancient Tracks Veins of Gold

etching titled Serpent in the Garden

Serpent in the Garden

collograph  titled Virtual Space

Virtual Space  2





Digital print & etching titled Ripple 1A

Ripple 1A

Digital Print & etching titled Ripple 2A

Ripple 2A

Digital print & etching titled Ripple 3A

Ripple 3A





Digital print & etching titled Reflection 1

Reflection 1

Digital print & etching titled Reflection 2

Reflection 2

Digital print & etching titled Reflection 3

Reflection 3