Carmen Ky

Australian Artist

Air Element

Air connects everything, it carries change and communication. It is also elemental wind energy, the subtle energy upon which the vitality of of the body and consciousness depend. It is related to curiosity, intellectual flexibility, judgement and the wisdom of accomplishment. In terms of painting I consider air as the energy, the vitality and intelligent flow in my work. It is the wind of rhythm weaving throughout the painting and it is the dynamic or subtle pulse that holds the composition. Air is part of space as the pulse and flux of intelligence.

Indigo Wind | acrylic on paper on board, 60cm diameter


In the Air | paper, acrylic, oil paint & gold on board, each painting 21cm x 21cm


Air Waves | wax & oil paint, each painting 21cm x 21cm

Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 1
Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 2
Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 3
Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 4
Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 5
Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains - 6

Dawn - Glasshouse Mountains | mixed media and encaustic wax on paper on board,
each painting 21cm x 21cm

The Circuitry of Clouds

The Circuitry of Clouds | acrylic and oil paint on canvas,
122cm x 122cm

Dark Moon

Dark Moon | acrylic on canvas,
30cm x 40cm

Echo of the Night Sky - 1
Echo of the Night Sky - 2

Echo of the Night Sky | oil paint and collaged etching on canvas, each painting 27.5cm x 30cm

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