Carmen Ky

Australian Artist

Fire Element

Fire is the extreme volatile element and can hold dichotomies of creation, destruction and bliss of being. It is capable of intense transformation and can be a metaphor for suffering or for the illumination of mind.
Landscapes that epitomize the element fire for me are found in the Northern Territory and most obviously, the Central Desert (the Red Centre) and Western McDonnel Ranges.

Playing with Fire - 1
Playing with Fire - 2

Playing with Fire 1 & 2 | etching, acrylic & oil paint
each painting 31cm x 30cm


Flame | acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 40cm

Liquid Fire

Liquid Fire | acrylic, ink, paper, oil paint and encaustic wax on board, 60cm x 43cm


Phoenix | acrylic on canvas 102cm x 71cm

White Light

White Light | acrylic on canvas 102cm x 71cm

Old Flame

Old Flame | acrylic on canvas, each painting 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain | watercolour, acrylic and collaged etching
on hahnemuhle paper 106 x 78 cm

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